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Berlin Hoax : Christmas Market Attack Staged
2016/12/20 1:59:45

looks like the only lucky guys to film these attacks are the ever fewer owners of a 90s phone

Berlin Truck Attack Fake

And how exactly can one fabricate the trajectory of killer truck?
Please give them a hand, your creativity will be of great value.

click image to see original size, opens in a new tab.

Following is the imaginary yet "official" path of killer truck.

Above one can clearly see the truck could have never killed anyone by going as slow as it would be necessary to sharply turn left and stop (without the trailer's inertia making it slide ahead and crash over obstacles to the right ).

Following please go hunt for any similarities to a truck in China actually plowing and killing a few people at a bus stop. Be careful, the following is not fake and therefore is graphic:

The following are not graphic. So I think them safe for viewing, even for toddlers.

What happens to fast trucks that break or turn sharply?

PizzaGate : Monica Petersen murder
2016/11/27 14:40:00


I am heartbroken to report that Monica Petersen died today in Haiti. She was a recent graduate of the Korbel School, a Research Fellow and an Assistant Director at the Human Trafficking Center, and had moved to Haiti to teach and start an NGO. Monica was a scholar-activist committed to serving the dispossessed and a clear and critical voice in the human trafficking field. She was also a dear friend and colleague to many of us.

I will post the time and date of a memorial service soon.

--Prof. Claude d'Estrée

911 truth Switzerland : The Clintons: Untold Secrets of Corruption, Drugs, Organized Crime & Financial Investments
2016/11/6 14:02:47

Accurate and documented account covering the many organized crimes of degenerate pathological liar, sexual predator and psychopath Bill Clinton and the crimes of he and his wife, Hillary Clinton when Bill was governor of Arkansas and Hillary was with the Rose Law Firm, including Whitewater, CIA cocaine trafficking through Mena, Arkansas throughout the 1980's, money laundering, judicial corruption, bank fraud, many murders and cover-ups and how the media and the hidden power structure behind the scenes protected and continue to protect the Clintons.

Bill Cooper was murdered the 5th of November 2001 most likely due to his prediction of 9/11 and antagonism to the Clinton and Bush administrations.
Skip to about 7:00 in to get to the meat. the early stuff is not longer relevant as it is about food for storage and what not. This is hour 3 and hour 4 of William Coopers Whitewater scandal broadcasts that led to Bill Clinton naming William Cooper as "the most dangerous man in America" along with Clinton illegally obtaining Bill's FBI file. If you want to know the truth about Bill Clinton I suggest you listen. If you support clinton you won't be able to stand listening to this. It is literally a truth that will leave you staggered wondering how did this man get the presidency.

Munich Hoax : Richard Gutjahr takes the very first mainstram video of both the Munich Shooting AND the Nice Truck Attack
2016/7/23 11:13:17

Nice Attack Hoax : Translated Letter from French Police with URGENT REQUEST to destroy evidence: All CCTV footage
2016/7/22 14:11:45

Probable cause for fabrication during the attacks on Bastille day has been confirmed. Nice-Gate in the making as mayor gets legal protection.

The chief of police wants all the footage of all cameras destroyed that recorded one of the worst attacks in recent history against its citizens.
This begs the question, whose cameras are they and for what purpose, if not of the citizens for the purpose of protection?

nice letter request to delete cctv footage

This is a breaking bombshell that will quickly fade from people's attention since as I write a new attack is occurring in Munich Germany.
Nevertheless and for the record, this is unprecedented since the blatant destruction of 50 CCTV cameras on September 11 2001 at The Pentagon.

Now in France installing those cameras was a legal battle lost by those protecting the right to privacy but compromised through terror and fear mongering, once installed they record the law abiding citizen's every move but delete the footage for which purpose the cameras were built.

Translation to english:
Internal Affairs Minister July 20 2016


From SDAT/058
Anti-Terrorist Sub-Division
Central Headquarters of the Judicial Police

Officer of the Judicial Police in the region LEVALLOIS-PERRET (Haurs-de-Seine),

In regard to Articles 53 and following of the Code of Criminal Procedure.
In regard to Article R 642-1 of penal code.
Following after the oral agreement of requisition which took place on July 15 2016,
by Mr. XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX from Paris Regional Court - Section C1 terrorism
and attacks against the security of the State, and confirmed by the requisitions delivered in writing on July 16 2016 against X.
Acting under directives of the Magistrate.

Pursuant to the provisions of Article 706-24 in the Code of Criminal Procedure.


For the attention of CSU in NICE

In order to procede to the following:

The complete deletion of the recordings of surveillance from the group of cameras (CCTV) all along La promenade des Anglais which filmed the footage of the terrorist activity during the evening-night 2016. Wipe all footage recorded between July 14 2016 at 22:30 hours and July 15 00 Hours. And most particularly the cameras listed:

Number 60 named PDA- FABON
Number 61 named PSGR MAGNAN
Number 440 named PDA-CUM
Number C173 named PDA-GAMBETTA
Number 176 named PDA-WESTMISTER
Number 179 named PDA-CONGRES

As well as all others which could have taken any footage of the crime scene.

Delete all copies of recorded footage on the crime scene even outside jurisdiction.

Signed (SDAT) – The Anti-terrorist sub-directorate prosecutor.
Translated by Fernando Tognola
July 22 2016
Geneva Switzerland

Nice authorities have turned down the request of French anti-terrorist police to delete footage from surveillance cameras and any other videos which captured the fatal truck attack on Bastille Day.

The request was sent by Anti-Terrorist Sub-Directorate (SDAT), a special police division battling extremism, to the mayor of Nice’s office on Wednesday, according to the paper.

"This is the first time we’ve been asked to destroy evidence [from the attack],” a source close to the city authorities said. “The CCTV center and the city of Nice could be prosecuted for this… Also the officers in charge of the cameras don’t have jurisdiction to engage in such operations.”

Le Figaro managed to obtain the copy of the document in which SDAT, citing articles of the criminal and penal codes, demands the city authorities delete “completely” nearly 24 hours of the attack captured on cameras on the Promenade des Anglais.

“Delete the recordings between July 14, 2016 22:30 and July 15, 2016 18:00,” the documents demands.

The anti-terrorist police named six cameras which recordings should be “particularly” deleted. Plus the city authorities should delete any footage from any camera “that captured the crime scene”, the paper added.

Le Figaro reported that the day after the attack police demanded from the city authorities to recover 30,000 hours of CCTV-related events. A backup operation is reportedly ongoing and will take place for several days. Le Figaro source said that the authorities are concerned for the safety of the backup operation with this new demand.

The Prosecutor’s Office in Paris later confirmed the information to Le Figaro, saying that the demand had been made “to prevent the uncontrolled distribution of the images [of the attack].” The office added that “of thousands of surveillance cameras” in Nice, at least 140 of them contain “interesting” elements regarding the attack.

Anti-terrorist police, however, claim that their experts have managed to recover 100 percent of the information from Nice cameras.

On Friday, Nice Matin newspaper reported that the local mayor had refused to answer the call. According to his lawyer, Philippe Blanchetier, the municipality will even ask the prosecutor to keep these pictures "in order not to jeopardize with any other procedures that may emerge beyond the investigation.”

Since the murderous attack in Nice on July 14, numerous photos and videos have emerged in media showing police approaching and shooting at the truck, which plowed into a crowd of spectators, or depicting the aftermath of the Bastille Day assault.

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