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Brussels Hoax : Latest update
2016/4/18 5:57:15

(note above video is recent update)

Published on Apr 7, 2016
Russ Brown

The Belgium terrorist attack in Brussels is a false flag hoax and here is the proof. It was fronted by Politico, covered up by AFP and organised by the EU.

01:48 a Brussels crisis actor is in the wrong location and received instructions to change location with the team assigned to her.
Crisis actors are told to arrive in clothes hiding their appearance and then change.

04:46 The terror attack in Brussels (which is now confirmed a hoax) used CCTV footage from Moscow 2011

06:12 the reason the Brussels police (who swears in English) did not want the camera filming outside the Maelbeek metro is because they were not just using crisis actors but also a dummy. You can see its arms flop around here.

11:27 is proof the Zaventem airport was being refurbished and the part the terrorist attacks happened was shut off. That the footage shown from Fox was from a drill.

12:26 Brussels airport section closed where the terrorist attack was supposed to take place = busted!

13:11 Here we see the supposed inside of Brussels airport after the bombing and what we are really seeing is a work site with generators and a bucket, sand etc. When it is put in context they are sooo busted.

13:51 oh dear it looks like Mike is busted! The crisis actor shot was traced back to him by the great work of Wee See and Deensdude. So this is what a job at the EU in PR and 'geostrategy' involves? Remind me to vote to leave the EU in the coming UK referendum in case I forget.

27:00 witness testimony from the basketball player in the Brussels attack which is a must watch from this point onwards.

34:49 Here you can see the pharmacy in the Brussels airport was not bombed

39:13 Ketevan Kardava upto no good here. She must repent and turn to Jesus. God is watching Ketevan.

I have included a link to Wikipedia just so you can laugh at how people still actually trust it...

42:45 here we see the Politico journalists are fronting the hoax both in this clip and again here at 48:57

Starting at 43:00 is a must watch hilarious compilation of Brussels bombing crisis actors.

51:00 Mason Wells is connected to Boston, Paris and Brussels and his father Chad Wells (seems to be the CIA guy running the whole thing) in my opinion.

57:00 a very funny edit by Paulstall service of Ginnie Watson, who I remember seeing on TV after the Paris terrorist attack and my jaw was literally on the floor. Not because of her good looks but because she was nearly as bad as a NASA press conference after a mars rover lands.

01:02:15 is proof the black glove theory was nonsense and was more photoshopping.

01:23:29 More media hoaxes at the Paris attack 2015.

01:31:40 Ibrahim El-Bakraoui who has been falsely accused of the Brussels attacks. Hasna Ait Boulahcen, also died in the raid in Saint-Denis and appears to have been executed?.Her cousin, alleged ringleader Abdelhamid Abaaoud.

911 truth Switzerland : Refugee crisis 2016, MI6 / CIA / NATO wagging the dog and the Trojan horse
2016/4/17 11:43:25

Migrant crisis Cover Up ...they told you so.

Brussels Hoax : Belgium bombings staged for this Spring Equinox
2016/3/22 19:20:00

Of the few americans injured in Belgium, one Mason Wells had survived the Boston bombings, OK we'll give him that: what a coincidence. Grantedly he thinks we live in a terrorist infested world.

But he also survived the Paris attacks, how many more attacks will he survive at this rate while people still believe it? I am not sure anymore. You see, on the top left menu under CNN is criminal dishonesty a link shows a 90s psy-op believed by everyone for many years, CNN has been keeping them honest for some time now.

But the most inept police officer would could and should have connected the dots and have Mason (unsure if pun is intended by the Freemasons) detained at least to protect himself from being fired for incompetence by making very sure it is only very, very bad luck.

Although psy-ops can include many deaths and even combine real with fake to create evidence to the contrary on both sides of the question, as was the case on 9/11, what may be costly on this kind of "inside job" is to have real victims' loved ones turning their life over to work full time for vindication. One could afford many of these in a foreign land, not so many on one's own.
That mistake is what may have given away the very victory to 911 truth in that today no politician can peddle too much the official 9/11 view without committing political suicide (... at least in Europe).

An ISIS flag has been recovered and we can expect a passport because it would make at least a bit more sense to explode oneself at an airport with a passport than say, at a stadium, as was the case in Paris.

Moreover, as if necessary, this reminds me of the coincidence of that Paris train hero of the 21 August 2015 TGV train attack who happened to be also a student at the school where a mass shooting occurred on October 1, 2015 at Oregon, just two months later.
During the Paris attacks most of the effort appeared to be the big hyping of little material information.

According to the New York Times, "...then at 9:11 a.m., a bomb tore through the last car of a subway train as it was pulling out of the Maelbeek station[emphasis added].".

The date, 3 22 is that enigmatic number of the Skull and Bones society 322.

33 deaths was a quick claim and if the death toll remains at that number without risisng the number 33 was chosen on CNN by Wolf Blitzer that night on his Situation Room.

This book may explain why we should fear these attack,
which does not appear to be hoaxed, but staged.

But there may be reasons to link it to Paris, read the articles on Paris Hoax below to understand why.

A spring equinox satanic ritual seeking the freemason's number 33 in the deathtoll.

Fernando Tognola
Geneva Switzerland

Paris Hoax : The photographs of victims used by mainstream media were staged blocks away from Bataclan.
2015/12/4 9:58:37

Paris Hoax : Eagles of Death Metal Drummer Incriminates Himself
2015/12/1 17:19:47

The drummer ducks before his own hair bounced back from the previous hit at the symbals and first gun shot...

These attacks have all the red flags of drills going live where people get killed either on the staged locations or rather in the places where the blame has been placed at, like Syria.
If you do not believe the following first check with a musician, (and not even a very good one) who will tell you that such fast reaction is impossible without foreknowledge.

I have seen a lot of evidence, much of it is silly from both the sleeping and truthers alike.

The one thing I believe cannot be defended at all is the time the drummer takes from the moment the first shot is fired to duck for cover.

I count the reaction of not more than one second for the drummer to:

Discern the sound and threat of gunfire, regardless of:

The sound of his own monitors, drums and snares which he is hitting rather hard.
Perhaps the sound of some unplanned firecracker going off from the audience.
The sound of an amp blowing up.

None of the above are reason enough to stop playing, in fact quite the contrary, musicians know this.

Furthermore the discernment, if genuine, should have included visual cues, gun fire muzzle flash would be unrecognizable when the stage is flooded with flickering lights aimed at the stage and in this case the yellow lamps from behind down to the stage creating contrast and reflection from the floor and symbals.

Musicians acknowledge this kind of light is very annoying and the visibility is minimal: The drummer is obliged to keep a peripheral view of his drums allowing himself to glance at the bass player for cues, the audience is barely visible if at all.

Although gunfire is surprisingly loud to most people here we are talking about a heavy-metal drummer slamming at his own drums with supposedly no idea of what is going on and reacting the very next second after the first shot.

If he is reasonably focused on keeping the beat ( it is not as easy as most people think but admittedly perhaps this kind of trash wouldn't require much) he could not have seen even a faint silhouette of a threat.

We see the first few spectators realizing something is up while the drummer has had 4 long seconds to get off the drums and duck behind for cover.

Here the drummer hits the symbal exactly at the first gun shot and immediatly ducks before his own hair bounced back!

The only thing that can beat that time reaction for cover is the shock-wave of a huge bomb blast, in that case people start running before they even think, its automatic. It is clearly not the case here.

Some people have even tried to explain this away by claiming that the drummer was wounded, but this is false, he was interviewed only a few days after the event.

The drummer says on that interview:

" I think what really shocked me at first was that we are a loud rock band, you know?
The power of the band on the stage, is hard to trump and the initial shots were so powerful for me that I immediatly uh, I knew something was wrong , I kind of bail off my stool almost immediatly , the gun powder hit my nose ...."


Anyway, the whole interview is here

Fernando Tognola
Geneva Switzerland

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